Huntsville Family Photoshoot

Huntsville family photoshoot by Ellen Adams Photography of a family with two boys.

Babies don’t keep. Although most of my sessions are for Newborns and Baby Milestones, I make room to do a Huntsville family photoshoot for a few families each year. Babies change so much that first year, you need to document their changes on a regular basis. Then, as your babies become little kids, you stop noticing their changes so much- until you happen to see a photo of them from a year ago.

Brothers captured by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

Even the way your kids interact and play with each other changes from year to year.

Fall family portraits by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

Most of my clients like a mix of posed and more natural shots, so that’s usually what I capture during a family session.

Dad and sons picture by Ellen Adams Photography.

This amazing dad didn’t think anyone would want a picture of just the boys together- but I am certain his sweet mama and wife are going to absolutely adore this photo of the boys hanging onto dad for many years to come. It brings such a smile to my face, and they’re not even my family!

Ellen Adams Photography Huntsville Photographer image of a family at Hays Nature Preserve.

We chose to do a family photoshoot at this location because they already had happy memories of fishing here. (I love doing photoshoots in places that are both beautiful and meaningful to you.)

Huntsville family photographer Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville AL created this portrait of two brothers hugging.

It had been a few years since this family had done family pictures, and these sweet little boys’ grand mom wanted some portraits of them. So, she gifted this session to her daughter last Christmas, and I’m so glad we were able to capture both the sweetness and playfulness of this stage in the boys’ lives.

If you want to learn more about having your own Huntsville family photoshoot, tell me your family’s story. And Grandparents- Gift Certificates make the perfect present for your kids (as well as a gift for yourself in a way)!

Cake Smash Cutie

Cake smash by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville AL.

After doing some heirloom portraits to celebrate turning one year old, this Cake Smash Cutie put on her party dress. Her face absolutely lit up with delight when she saw her very own little cake!

Cake smash photo shoot by Ellen Adams Photography in Madison AL.

I assure you, this is Exactly how I feel about cake as well!

Cake Smash Pictures by baby photographer Ellen Adams Photography

Every baby responds differently to cake, but you can increase your odds that your baby will enjoy her photoshoot by following these 3 Cake Smash Tips.

Cake smash shoot by baby photographer Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

We had our very own little birthday party, and she was enjoying every minute of it, as were her mom, myself, and my assistant.

1 year cake smash by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

Making a mess is all part of the fun.

Here are a couple of my favorite heirloom portraits we made before bringing out the cake:

1 year baby pictures by baby photographer Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

One is a big milestone not only for your baby, but also for yourself.

You did it! Let’s celebrate!

Cake smash photoshoot by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

Whether you are doing a Cake Smash as part of a Baby Plan session or as a stand alone session, make sure you Get on My Calendar before I’m all booked up!

Sweetest Sitter Session

Ellen Adams Photography Baby Plan sitter session.

Miss Juliette proved that 6-8 months is the perfect time to have the sweetest sitter session ever! That time when your baby has mastered the milestone of sitting, but hasn’t quite started crawling yet is the perfect time to schedule your first Baby Plan session.

Baby plan 6 month pictures by Ellen Adams Photography.

I love that we were able to create some heirloom portraits of Juliette wearing the same heirloom outfit her mom wore at that age.

8 month photos by Ellen Adams Photography.

Juliette’s mom told me that she wanted to capture her baby’s candid personality and blue eyes.

Baby Photographer Ellen Adams Photography image of baby blue eyes.

I think we did it!

Sweetest sitter session by Ellen Adams Photography image of 8 month old baby.

Juliette gave the best serious faces as well as smiles and giggles.

Sitter session picture by Ellen Adams Photography.

Juliette was curious and playful. She was everything I would hope for during a sitter session!

Baby eyelashes picture by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

Just like all of my first Baby Plan sessions, we took a moment to capture those amazing baby eyelashes, her precious little hands, and those wiggly toes.

Baby milestone session by Ellen Adams Photography.

Something special about working with me is that I come to you. You can have all of your images look like you traveled to a studio (without the hassle of having to actually take your baby to a studio), or you can choose to include some images showcasing your home.

All of the images above where shot in the nursery. We rearranged so that we could also get some images of Juliette in her crib.

Happiest baby in her crib picture by Ellen Adams Photography.

Juliette was right at home, both literally and figuratively, in her crib. Her personality really shined!

“My baby’s true personality comes out where she feels the most comfortable— and that’s at our house! Juliette engaged with Ellen almost immediately. The pictures are absolutely amazing, and they quickly became household treasures!”

-Juliette’s Mama
Baby in crib by Ellen Adams Photography.

Juliette’s mom told me that this crib was the first thing they bought for her, and it was the thing that got her really excited to have a baby.

If I had a Restoration Hardware crib like that, I would want pictures of my baby in it, too!

Baby Photographer near me in Huntsville AL pictures by Ellen Adams Photography.

Make sure you Join the Baby Plan Club well before your baby’s first half birthday, so that I will have room in my schedule for your baby’s 6-8 month pictures.

I would be honored if you chose me to be your baby’s photographer for her Sweetest Sitter Session!

Classic Newborn Photography

Ellen Adams Photography Newborn Photography image of newborn with family next to maternity pictures.

It is my joy to help families preserve their memories in a way that they will enjoy for generations. Classic newborn photography is the perfect way to decorate your home and add onto a gallery wall that tells the story of your family.

Classic newborn photographer Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL created this image of a newborn baby.

All of the details, the baby rolls- everything that makes your newborn precious- need to be remembered.

Newborn photographer near me Ellen Adams Photography captured this image of a newborn baby smiling with his family.

Your newborn session is all about you, your family, your brand new baby, and the connection you all have.

Classic newborn photography by Ellen Adams Photography.

I am going to capture it so you will be able to remember it forever.

Newborn photography near me by Ellen Adams Photography.

Breathe in your sweet baby and reflect on this amazing miracle that has turned you into a new mama. THAT is what we are going to capture.

Newborn rolls by Ellen Adams Photography.

Relax and take it easy. Focus on the “why”.

Classic newborn pose by Ellen Adams Photography.

That is what this sweet family did. (I had the honor of doing their Sunflower Maternity Session as well.)

Newborn bunny outfit photographed by Ellen Adams Photography.

Their classic newborn photography session is one I will not quickly forget.

Newborn portraits by Ellen Adams Photography.

“Ellen was amazing to work with! Don’t worry if you don’t have specific poses in mind, she comes prepared with a list of go-to’s that always make the subject(s) look amazing.”

-Maggie H.

Are you ready to make time stand still, for just a moment, and ensure that your memories of your newborn never fade away?

I would love to hear your family’s story.

Tell me why you want a Newborn Photography session here.

Madison, AL Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn Photography by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville AL.

This sweet family from Madison, AL had a newborn photoshoot to capture the love they have for each other- right from the very start as a family of three.

I had the pleasure of meeting mom, Kati, during her Maternity Photoshoot.

Ellen Adams Photography image of newborn baby.

Thankfully, dad was able to come home from his deployment a couple of days early to be with his newborn, and I got to meet both dad and baby this time.

Madison, AL newborn photography by Ellen Adams Photography image of family with baby.

Baby Lucas is such a sweetheart.

“He’s little but so strong and adorable. We just absolutely love him and he definitely has us wrapped around his little finger.”

Madison, AL newborn photographer image of baby holding daddy's finger, by Ellen Adams Photography.

This little man couldn’t wait to meet his parents and came three weeks early.

Madison AL newborn photo shoot by Ellen Adams Photography depicting a family holding their newborn.

To Expecting Mothers:

“First of all, hang in there. The first and third trimester can be extremely exhausting. Becoming a mother for the first time can be scary, but you can do it.”

Newborn Toes picture by Ellen Adams Photography.

“Don’t ever be ashamed of the choices that you make for your birth plan. You have to do what’s best for you and your little bundle of joy.”

Madison AL newborn photoshoot by Ellen Adams Photography.

“In the end, when the day comes, you will forget all of the fears you may have had about becoming a parent, and you will just absolutely fall head over heels in love with your new little baby.”

Baby Smile by Ellen Adams Photography.

“Pregnancy is temporary, loving this little one is a lifetime. You won’t regret a minute of it.”

Photo of newborn baby feet by Ellen Adams Photography.

Mom wants her baby to know (and included in his album):

“Mama loves you more than life itself. I am so blessed that God chose you to be my child and that He trusted me to take care of you. I will do everything in my power to protect you and to make sure you have everything you’ll ever need in life.”

Ellen Adams Photography newborn photo of baby on a moon in a sea at sunset.

“What I love about Ellen is that she will come to your house for your newborn session. That way, your precious little one gets to stay in the comfort of their own home and it made it easier on us.

I can’t thank Ellen enough for her time and the work and love that she puts into her photos. If you are looking for a photographer to capture your family, she is THE ONE! Trust me, she won’t let you down.”

-Kati W.

Recording your family’s Newborn Love Story is my specialty. If you are ready to book a Madison, AL Newborn Photoshoot, tell me your story here!

Pregnancy & Gender Reveal

Not only is this sweet couple celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary- they have an announcement…

Gender reveal idea by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville, AL.
Gender reveal picture by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville, AL.

They are so happy to announce their four beautiful children are getting a little brother! (You can see big sister’s pictures here.)

Pregnancy Announcement picture by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville, AL.

They took me to the place where they took long walks talking and getting to know each other while they were dating. I loved getting to see where they fell in love, and where he later proposed.

10 year anniversary photo idea by Ellen Adams Photography.

My husband and I spent most of our first date sitting in the branches of a magnolia tree talking about our past and our dreams for our future. Years later we climbed that same magnolia tree, one more time, and he proposed to me. There’s something magical about revisiting the place where your love story began.

A forest, a little river… I can’t imagine a better setting for the beginning of a love story, as well as the start to their next chapter.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!

Sunflower Maternity Pictures

Sunflower photo ideas by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

I really wanted to have maternity pictures in a sunflower field with my second baby. However, he was a June baby, so it just wasn’t meant to be. So, I was absolutely thrilled when this sweet couple told me they wanted sunflower maternity pictures!

Huntsville maternity portraits by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

They’re high school sweethearts who met at a church retreat. My husband and I met at a campus ministry in college, and there’s nothing better than finding a soul mate who shares your values.

Kiss in the flowers captured by Ellen Adams Photography.

We were all happy to learn that there is a zinnea field right next to the sunflower field!

Ellen Adams Photography maternity pictures in a sunflower field.

Maternity pictures are the newborn photographer’s equivalent of engagement pictures. They focus on the love you have for each other as well as the excitement of what is to come. Learn more about having your own maternity photoshoot here.

Gender neutral maternity pictures in a flower field by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

This couple is making their first pregnancy extra exciting by waiting to find out their baby’s gender. Either way, these shoes are going to look precious on their baby!

Ellen Adams Photography maternity photos  in Huntsville, AL.

I am looking forward to delivering their custom-built framed portraits to their home. However, I am even more excited to meet their baby and help them add to their gallery wall with newborn pictures. (You can see photos from their newborn session here.)

Sunflower maternity portrait by Ellen Adams Photography.

The location of your portrait session is completely up to you! Most of my clients love showcasing the natural beauty of our home state, whether I am photographing their sweet family or their pregnancy

Field of flowers maternity pictures.

I love shooting in wide-open natural spaces because the light is divine, especially during golden hour. There are great options all around Huntsville, so even if you’ve never seen me photograph in a specific place before, I’m always up for exploring a new spot together!

Classic Southern Baby

Huntsville baby pictures by Ellen Adams Photography created this wall series for this one year old's nursery.

Some babies have it, and some babies don’t. Kesleigh exudes Classic Southern Charm! She is a Classic Southern Baby!

Baby pictures Madison, AL picture of baby girl in heirloom bubble outfit.

This sweet Hartselle family is all about being classy and traditional.

Just like me, Kesleigh’s mama loves a classic white wicker chair portrait and heirloom bubble outfits.

Baby photos of Madison AL with a baby sitting in a white wicker chair by Ellen Adams Photography.

Thankfully, I also got to include this family’s heirloom rocker during their session, too.

Hartselle baby photographer Ellen Adams Photography took this picture of a one year old baby in a rocking chair.

This was mama’s rocking chair when she was a little girl. I love including items that have sentimental significance to my clients!

One year photos Huntsville AL picture of baby girl in pearls by Ellen Adams Photography.

I love that Kesleigh’s mama told me she hopes her baby girl continues to love church and hopes she enjoys dance and softball some day.

Baby photographer Madison, AL Ellen Adams Photography picture of baby looking down in pearls.

Kesleigh’s mama also said that there’s Always a reason to smile right now. There’s rarely a moment Kesleigh isn’t smiling- and that makes her daddy and mommy so happy!

Baby photography Harselle AL one year photoshoot by Ellen Adams Photography.

Can you believe this sweet, Classic Southern Baby girl is turning one? Her mama is feeling a little bit emotional about that milestone, just as I did with my babies. (Even though technically mine aren’t babies anymore, they will Always be my babies!)

Kesleigh is one of my Baby Plan Club babies, so I am looking forward to and can’t wait to share with you her next session- when she will be a full-fledged toddler running around!

“Ellen is fabulous at what she does! Incredibly kind, happy, and patient!”

-Kesleigh’s Mama

Whether you have a Classic Southern Baby from Huntsville, or Madison, AL, I would love to meet you! Let me capture your baby’s personality in photographs that years down the road, she will be proud to pass down to her grandchildren.

Pregnancy Announcement Huntsville, AL

Pregnancy announcement photo in Huntsville, AL by Ellen Adams Photography.

I am Always excited to photograph a couple with a baby on the way. This Pregnancy Announcement session was bursting with excitement!

Pregnancy Announcement in Huntsville, AL on top of Monte Sano mountain by Ellen Adams Photography.

These Huntsville parents are expecting their first baby, and their parents’ first grandchild. They’re even expecting the first great-grandchild on one side of their family!

Baby on the way in Huntsville, AL by Ellen Adams Photography.

I remember how excited I was to tell my family and friends each time I had a baby on the way, and I was thrilled to be able to help this sweet couple share their news!

“A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” -Carl Sandburg

I am so looking forward to their Maternity and Newborn sessions!

If you would like to design your own Pregnancy Announcement session, click the button below to tell me your story. I look forward to getting to know you!

Huntsville Maternity Photographer

Huntsville, AL maternity photographer Ellen Adams Photography captured this image of a pregnant mom.

As a Huntsville maternity photographer, the BIGGEST regret that I hear from new moms is NOT having maternity portraits. You quickly forget how beautiful your big belly was- although right now it may feel heavy and uncomfortable. You and your body deserve to be celebrated in a gorgeous maternity photoshoot that you can look back on and cherish.

This gorgeous mama is expecting her first baby! Kati was unsure at first if she wanted to do maternity photos, but she wants to remember how beautiful it is to carry her precious baby boy.

Kati married her husband in 2018 and planned to have her big wedding in March of 2020, but the world changed and they had to put those plans on hold.

Madison AL maternity photographer Ellen Adams Photography captured this image of a goose next to a pregnant mom.

However, at the end of May, we got to celebrate their beautiful baby boy on the way with a maternity photo shoot. The geese wanted to join in on the fun, too!

Ellen Adams Photography photographed the silhouette of a pregnant mom.

Kati found out that she was pregnant the day after Thanksgiving 2019, and a few days shy of her husband’s first deployment.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better way of sending him off on deployment.”

Huntsville, AL maternity Photographer Ellen Adams Photography captured this fine art portrait of a pregnant mom waiting for her husband to come home from deployment overseas.

Currently, Kati is awaiting the safe return of her husband from his second deployment overseas.

“My one piece of wisdom for my baby boy, to carry through life, is to cherish life for everything it has to offer. Love everything about it and everyone who comes into your life. Never regret a thing that happens as it only gives you experience. And strive to always do better.”

Madison, AL photographer Ellen Adams Photography captured this joyful photo of a pregnant mom.

I love getting to know my clients better, and I love what Kati told me:

“My hopes for Lucas are that he grows up to be a strong man who loves family. My hopes are that he is successful in whatever he chooses to do, and that he never regrets a single thing that he may go through.”

Huntsville maternity photography by Ellen Adams Photography includes complimentary design service.

As a Huntsville maternity photographer, I also love when clients tell me about their children’s excitement when looking at portraits of “When I was in Mommy’s belly.”

Don’t let this glowing season pass you by. Capture this joyful, fleeting moment before it’s gone.

Click here to see Kati’s Newborn Photos.

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