Sunflower Maternity Pictures

Sunflower photo ideas by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

I really wanted to have maternity pictures in a sunflower field with my second baby. However, he was a June baby, so it just wasn’t meant to be. So, I was absolutely thrilled when this sweet couple told me they wanted sunflower maternity pictures!

Huntsville maternity portraits by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

They’re high school sweethearts who met at a church retreat. My husband and I met at a campus ministry in college, and there’s nothing better than finding a soul mate who shares your values.

Kiss in the flowers captured by Ellen Adams Photography.

We were all happy to learn that there is a zinnea field right next to the sunflower field!

Ellen Adams Photography maternity pictures in a sunflower field.

Maternity pictures are the newborn photographer’s equivalent of engagement pictures. They focus on the love you have for each other as well as the excitement of what is to come. Learn more about having your own maternity photoshoot here.

Gender neutral maternity pictures in a flower field by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

This couple is making their first pregnancy extra exciting by waiting to find out their baby’s gender. Either way, these shoes are going to look precious on their baby!

Ellen Adams Photography maternity photos  in Huntsville, AL.

I am looking forward to delivering their custom-built framed portraits to their home. However, I am even more excited to meet their baby and help them add to their gallery wall with newborn pictures. (You can see photos from their newborn session here.)

Sunflower maternity portrait by Ellen Adams Photography.

The location of your portrait session is completely up to you! Most of my clients love showcasing the natural beauty of our home state, whether I am photographing their sweet family or their pregnancy

Field of flowers maternity pictures.

I love shooting in wide-open natural spaces because the light is divine, especially during golden hour. There are great options all around Huntsville, so even if you’ve never seen me photograph in a specific place before, I’m always up for exploring a new spot together!

Classic Southern Baby

Huntsville baby pictures by Ellen Adams Photography created this wall series for this one year old's nursery.

Some babies have it, and some babies don’t. Kesleigh exudes Classic Southern Charm! She is a Classic Southern Baby!

Baby pictures Madison, AL picture of baby girl in heirloom bubble outfit.

This sweet Hartselle family is all about being classy and traditional.

Just like me, Kesleigh’s mama loves a classic white wicker chair portrait and heirloom bubble outfits.

Baby photos of Madison AL with a baby sitting in a white wicker chair by Ellen Adams Photography.

Thankfully, I also got to include this family’s heirloom rocker during their session, too.

Hartselle baby photographer Ellen Adams Photography took this picture of a one year old baby in a rocking chair.

This was mama’s rocking chair when she was a little girl! I love including items that have sentimental significance to my clients!

One year photos Huntsville AL picture of baby girl in pearls by Ellen Adams Photography.

I love that Kesleigh’s mama told me she hopes her baby girl continues to love church and hopes she enjoys dance and softball some day.

Baby photographer Madison, AL Ellen Adams Photography picture of baby looking down in pearls.

Kesleigh’s mama also said that there’s Always a reason to smile right now. There’s rarely a moment Kesleigh isn’t smiling- and that makes her daddy and mommy so happy!

Baby photography Harselle AL one year photoshoot by Ellen Adams Photography.

Can you believe this sweet, Classic Southern Baby girl is turning one? Her mama is feeling a little bit emotional about that milestone, just as I did with my babies. (Even though technically mine aren’t babies anymore, they will Always be my babies!)

Kesleigh is one of my Baby Plan Club babies, so I am looking forward to and can’t wait to share with you her next session- when she will be a full-fledged toddler running around!

“Ellen is fabulous at what she does! Incredibly kind, happy, and patient!”

-Kesleigh’s Mama

Whether you have a Classic Southern Baby from Hartselle, Huntsville, or Madison, AL, I would love to meet you! Let me capture your baby’s personality in photographs that years down the road, she will be proud to pass down to her grandchildren.

Pregnancy Announcement Huntsville, AL

Pregnancy announcement photo in Huntsville, AL by Ellen Adams Photography.

I am Always excited to photograph a couple with a baby on the way. This Pregnancy Announcement session was bursting with excitement!

Pregnancy Announcement in Huntsville, AL on top of Monte Sano mountain by Ellen Adams Photography.

These Huntsville parents are expecting their first baby, and their parents’ first grandchild. They’re even expecting the first great-grandchild on one side of their family!

Baby on the way in Huntsville, AL by Ellen Adams Photography.

I remember how excited I was to tell my family and friends each time I had a baby on the way, and I was thrilled to be able to help this sweet couple share their news!

“A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” -Carl Sandburg

I am so looking forward to their Maternity and Newborn sessions!

If you would like to design your own Pregnancy Announcement session, click the button below to tell me your story. I look forward to getting to know you!

Huntsville Maternity Photographer

Huntsville, AL maternity photographer Ellen Adams Photography captured this image of a pregnant mom.

As a Huntsville maternity photographer, the BIGGEST regret that I hear from new moms is NOT having maternity portraits. You quickly forget how beautiful your big belly was- although right now it may feel heavy and uncomfortable. You and your body deserve to be celebrated in a gorgeous maternity photoshoot that you can look back on and cherish.

This gorgeous mama is expecting her first baby! Kati was unsure at first if she wanted to do maternity photos, but she wants to remember how beautiful it is to carry her precious baby boy.

Ellen Adams Photography photographed the silhouette of a pregnant mom.

Kati married her husband in 2018 and planned to have her big wedding in March of 2020, but the world changed and they had to put those plans on hold.

Madison AL maternity photographer Ellen Adams Photography captured this image of a goose next to a pregnant mom.

However, at the end of May, we got to celebrate their beautiful baby boy on the way with a maternity photo shoot. The geese wanted to join in on the fun, too!

Kati found out that she was pregnant the day after Thanksgiving 2019, and a few days shy of her husband’s first deployment.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better way of sending him off on deployment.”

Huntsville, AL maternity Photographer Ellen Adams Photography captured this fine art portrait of a pregnant mom waiting for her husband to come home from deployment overseas.

Currently Kati is awaiting the safe return of her husband from his second deployment overseas.

Madison, AL photographer Ellen Adams Photography captured this joyful photo of a pregnant mom.

“My one piece of wisdom for my baby boy, to carry through life, is to cherish life for everything it has to offer. Love everything about it and everyone who comes into your life. Never regret a thing that happens as it only gives you experience. And strive to always do better.”

Huntsville maternity photography by Ellen Adams Photography includes complimentary design service.

I love getting to know my clients better, and I love what Kati told me:

“My hopes for Lucas are that he grows up to be a strong man who loves family. My hopes are that he is successful in whatever he chooses to do, and that he never regrets a single thing that he may go through.”

As a Huntsville maternity photographer, I also love when clients tell me about their children’s excitement when looking at portraits of “When I was in Mommy’s belly.”

Don’t let this glowing season pass you by. Capture this joyful, fleeting moment before it’s gone.

Click here to see Kati’s Newborn Photos.

Huntsville Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography Huntsville, AL picture of baby boy.

Cole’s Baby Story

As a Huntsville Newborn Photographer, I love to send new moms a few questions long before their baby is born. After baby Cole’s newborn photoshoot, I included the answers his mom gave me in Cole’s personalized baby album, and his mama agreed to let me share some of Cole’s baby story with you!

We are really excited and slightly nervous about having a second child, but we know it will be amazing.

Newborn photographer in Huntsville, AL Ellen Adams Photography took this image of a newborn baby holding his mom's finger.

We decided to not find out the gender, so that is a really exciting surprise this time around!

Newborn picture of dad holding baby and touching noses; image by Ellen Adams Photography.

I feel so incredibly honored and blessed that God would not only bless us with one child, but two. I am so humbled to be their mom.

Baby photographer in Huntsville, AL Ellen Adams Photography captured this image of a mom holding her newborn baby

I will definitely make mistakes along the way, but I want them to know that I love them so incredibly much, pray for them daily, and strive to reflect Christ’s love for them even through my failings.

Baby photographer in Huntsville, AL capture newborn kissed by big sister.

Cole has a verse his mother painted onto a canvas that hangs over his crib. It absolutely tugged at my heartstrings, because it is the life verse I gave my first son and tell him every time I tuck him in bed.

Joshua 1:9  Be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid, or discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

This is the one piece of wisdom Cole’s mom would like to share with her children; that they would carry with them throughout their life and share with their own children:

To follow and trust God with all their heart. He will never fail them.

Bonus: Love people where they are in life. You never know what trials they have gone through or are currently going through, and giving grace is so important.

Picture of newborn feet during a newborn photoshoot in Huntsville, AL.

Cole’s mom wanted to let other expecting moms know:

Everyone says enjoy every moment because they don’t stay little for long. That is a lot of pressure. In the midst of sleep deprivation and physical, mental, and emotional healing, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy every single moment. There will be hard days and weeks, but there is something good in each phase of raising a child. Make it a point to write down or capture those moments. You will need them during the tough times. It’s also easy to forget these little moments during the early years, so having them documented helps jog your memory as you reflect back on this time.

Infant photography image of newborn yawning in Huntsville.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in the Huntsville area, I would love to chat about a portrait session.  You can reach me through the contact button here.

Breastfeeding Food Guide

Breastfeeding food guide to help new moms prevent colic in their newborn babies.

My next tip to Help Your Baby “Sleep Like a Baby” is to be careful what your baby eats. Whether you nurse, use formula, or do a combination of the two, feeding a newborn can be stressful.

Are they getting enough? Are they crying because they are still hungry? Is the breast milk or formula upsetting their tummy?

Every single baby is unique in their own way. 

I always suggest consulting your Pediatrician with any concerns.

If you’re nursing, you may find that some foods you eat don’t agree with your baby. A baby with an upset or gassy tummy usually is very uncomfortable and unable to sleep well.

For this reason, I recommend that moms keep a bland diet 48 hours before your photo shoot and that you eat comfort foods, such as bread, potatoes and whole grains to keep your baby comfortable.

(If you are using formula, try not to change which formula you are using during this time, as long as your baby is happy and your doctor hasn’t told you to change.)

After your session, you are welcome to choose any diet you wish; however, there are certain foods and drinks that can lead to gas in newborns.

Below is a list of common foods suggested to avoid while nursing newborns. This list was written by a Pediatrician and given to me while I was pregnant with my first baby.

These foods typically affect babies under 6 weeks. As they get older, reintroduce foods one at a time to see how they are accepted. Please use this list at your own discretion and consult your doctor as needed.

Breastfeeding Food Guide

Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks such as:

  • Cranberries
  • Pineapple
  • Grapefruit
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Strawberries
  • All berries
  • Tomatoes and tomato products
  • Chocolate (rarely affects babies)
  • Peanuts-nuts in general
  • Pizza
  • Spaghetti
  • Chilli
  • Tacos/Spicy/Mexican Foods/Salsa
  • Ketchup

Avoid Gassy Vegetables such as:

  • Asparagus
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Cucumbers/pickles
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage

Restrict Drinks such as:

  • Soda (particularly caffeinated)
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Wine & Beer

Check with your Doctor to see if Dairy is an issue.

Too much pepper can irritate your baby’s stomach too, so that’s why I suggest you avoid chicken in your take-out orders and stick to bland beef if you’re having restaurant food. 

Getting your baby on the right formula and identifying foods that don’t agree with your baby may take a little bit of time. Once you figure it out, you and your baby will be happier.

I wrote a whole article on 5 Take-Out Places in Huntsville that are Good for the Anti-Colic Diet, since I know cooking your own meals or having a friend cook for you is not always an option during the haze of the newborn days.

(It is very important to understand that I believe in baby led newborn sessions, which means that I never force or deny a feeding. Newborns should be fed before the session starts, but if your baby is hungry, there is plenty of time to stop and feed them. Sometimes babies get extra hungry during their session, and I want you to take care of your baby.)

Read the rest of my tips to Help Your Baby “Sleep Like a Baby”:

Tip #1: That’s a Wrap!

Tip #2: Your Baby’s Talking to You

Tip #3: Shh!

Tip #4: You are doing a Great Job!

Why I Never Feel Guilty About Easter Baskets

Some families don’t want to do Easter baskets on Easter morning, so they don’t take away from the true meaning of Easter. Personally, I never had a problem with understanding what Easter was really all about as a kid, and I had an incredible amount of fun with my Easter basket before church.

Why I never feel guilty about Easter baskets on Easter morning.

Today, I was Very excited to pass down my family’s tradition to my sons.

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunts!

We make our kids hunt for their Easter baskets by having a scavenger hunt with Bible story clues!

Easter morning scavenger hunt.

My eldest isn’t quite old enough to read the clues yet, but he knows enough Bible stories that we were able to read the clues to him and he figured out where he was suppose to go next.

Clue for scavenger hunt.

The first clue led him to our fruit stash. (You could include any of the verses about fruit for this one. We told him about John 15:4, “No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

Easter scavenger hunt around the house.

My eldest knew what Pilate did at Jesus’s trial, because we had just talked about that earlier in the week in his Holy Week coloring book.

Scavenger hunt

Jesus washing his disciples’ feet was another story we had discussed in his coloring book earlier in the week.

For his last clue, I made him hunt a little bit. We wash his feet in the bathtub, but his basket wasn’t hidden in the bathtub right next to that sink.

We put his basket in his bathroom upstairs. So, it was fun watching him running around the house, smiling and excited to find his prize.

We put little brother’s basket with it, because we knew he would want to follow along wherever big brother went!

Growing up the clues became harder and eventually I started receiving Bible verses I had to go look up instead of fill in the blank verses.

You can make it as hard or as easy as you want to!

I hope you will consider adding this to your Easter morning tradition, and Stop feeling guilty about doing Easter baskets on Easter morning. There’s no reason it has to detract from the true Easter Story.


Relax Your Baby With This Tip

My next tip to Help Your Baby “Sleep Like a Baby” is to Relax! You are doing a Great Job!

Your instincts will help you a lot as a parent, and reading extra advice, in those spare moments while rocking your baby, is an added bonus.

(Of course, please ask your baby’s pediatrician every question you can think of during your baby’s check-ups, because they know best!)

Newborn photographer in Huntsville, AL gives tips on how to relax your baby during your newborn pictures.

When parents have me over for a Newborn Photo Shoot, I want them to be nice and relaxed.

Newborns generally respond to your energy, and therefore, the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the more likely they will be relaxed and ready to sleep during their session.

Tip # 4: Relax Yourself

The same is true at other times, too.

It’s normal, especially for first-time parents, to feel a little bit anxious and to second guess yourself.

Take a deep breath and trust that your instincts are good, and that you are doing an amazing job taking care of your baby. You and your baby will be happier because of it.

Many parents worry that their babies may not sleep through their newborn session. Well, that’s not a problem!

Relax your baby with this tip from Newborn Photographer Ellen Adams.

I’ve photographed babies that are wide awake the entire time. We can usually still achieve some amazing images, especially if they are wrapped.

You also don’t have to worry about crying. Babies are babies, and they will cry. I do everything I can to soothe and comfort them, and to surround them with a comfortable environment.

I want your Newborn Session to be a treasured memory, and I will do everything I can to make it relaxing and enjoyable.

Read the rest of my tips to Help Your Baby “Sleep Like a Baby”:

Tip #1: That’s a Wrap!

Tip #2: Your Baby’s Talking to You

Tip #3: Shh!

Tip #5: Stress Free Feedings

Shh! Help Your Baby Sleep

Instinctively, we all know to say “Shh” when we want quiet. There’s no need to feel rude if you say it to your baby, because your newborn will find it comforting! Repetitive “shh, shh” sounds mimic the sounds your baby heard when he was inside your body. It mimics the sound of blood whooshing through your blood vessels.

Picture of a newborn baby's ear by Ellen Adams Photography.

Experienced moms seem to really have this down. During a newborn session, I will hear moms repeating “shh, shh” to their baby as they snuggle.

Then, the moms get an excited and relieved look when I pull out my Baby Shusher.

Tip #3: Use a White Noise Machine

They’ve made a device that will say the shushing for you! I used it with my second baby, and it worked like a charm. So, I make sure to bring it with me for every newborn session.

There’s a whole world of white noise machines out there, and I have several that I like to use for my babies and for newborn sessions. This is just one that is especially useful during baby’s “Fourth Trimester,” when he is getting use to his new environment.

Take a look around at all of the white noise machine options out there, and have fun exploring the possibilities!

(Just a reminder: None of my links are affiliate links, because I believe advice is best freely given.)

Read the rest of my tips to Help Your Baby “Sleep Like a Baby”:

Tip #1: That’s a Wrap!

Tip #2: Your Baby’s Talking to You

Tip #4: You are doing a Great Job!

Tip #5: Stress Free Feedings

6 Month Baby Pictures

Your First Baby Plan Session marks the time when your baby is sitting up on his own, but not quite on the go. Personality is coming out in so many ways, along with giggles, coos, and an insatiable curiosity about the world.

This session is usually held at 6-8 months old and celebrates the milestone of sitting all on his own!

Inspiration for your 6 month baby pictures, created by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

Here are 3 Tips to prepare for your baby’s First Baby Plan Session at 6-8 months old:

Tip #1: Dress in Solids

I love that this little man is in a white outfit. Solids photograph better than patterns and are more timeless. I always suggest solids in neutrals or light colors for sessions.

Baby boy 6 month pictures of a baby in white, by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville.

When you choose neutral or light solids, it helps bring all the attention to your baby’s face and his lovely smile!

Tip #2: Rise and Shine

Schedule your 6 month baby pictures around your child’s nap time. You want your baby feeling fresh and happy.

Mornings are typically when babies are at their best.

6 month sitter milestone photo of baby boy captured by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville, AL.

I will come during your baby’s morning nap to setup my studio, in whichever room you have that is wide-open and doesn’t have carpet. That way, I can be all set to go when your baby is up from his nap and at his happiest.

Tips #3: Nap time Attire

Speaking of naps, have your baby nap in a loose onesie or at least extra loose pajamas to avoid indentations on his skin.

I will never post naked baby bottom pictures online (for baby’s privacy), but you have the option of including those pictures during this session.

Baby boy picture inspiration for the first milestone session, by Ellen Adams Photography.

Here are just a few of the images I included for this handsome little man’s Expressions Panel. Cherish those chubby faces! The Expressions Panel highlights the bubbling personality of your baby in a 9 part collage. Capture the love, laughter, and even the serious faces your child exudes.

Baby Plan Club members have exclusive access to products especially designed for their milestone sessions, including the Expressions Panel.

Learn more about Joining the Baby Plan Club & Apply to get on my quickly filling calendar!

I can’t wait to meet your baby!


If you are looking for someone to capture your fleeting moments in Huntsville, AL- contact me today !

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