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Image of a cake smash in Huntsville by Ellen Adams Photography

You made it!  We mark the first birthday with a celebration!  If you are planning a one-year cake smash in Huntsville, bring a birthday cake and get ready for a big mess!  

One year photoshoot in Huntsville by Ellen Adams Photography

At this stage, your baby is pulling himself up, standing, and perhaps even taking those first steps!  He’s on the go, crawling everywhere, and full of infectious energy. Bring a birthday cake to this session and let your growing toddler have a blast digging in with both hands!

One year photo shoot in Huntsville by Ellen Adams Photography

3 Tips for a Successful Cake Smash Session:

1. Schedule around Naps

Schedule your Cake Smash session around your baby’s nap time.  You want your baby feeling fresh and happy. Mornings are typically when babies are at their best.

2. What’s in the Cake

If your baby has any allergies, make sure the baker knows and adjusts accordingly!

Also, it’s best to stick to vanilla cake. Red velvet can look a little bloody, and chocolate can look like your baby had a diaper blowout.

Cake smash session in Huntsville by Ellen Adams Photography

3. What’s on the Cake

Avoid fondant because it’s hard to dig into and doesn’t tend to taste good.

Avoid hard sugar pearls/balls.  If you will be including anything non-edible or a potential choking hazard on the cake, make sure you sit Right next to your child during the cake smash to remove them from your baby’s hands the moment he grabs them!

I’m all for pretty pictures, but let’s do what we can to keep our babies safe!

Cake smash session in Huntsville, AL by Ellen Adams Photography

Bonus Tip:  If you want to capture your baby’s honest first reaction to cake, go for it!  All baby reactions to cake are priceless!  

However, if you want an enthusiastic cake-covered baby, it helps to feed your baby cake a time or two before your session so they know they’re about to have something super delicious!

Cake smash in Huntsville, AL image of baby eating cake for the first time, by Ellen Adams Photography.

Cake smashes are included as part of the one-year session in the Baby Plan Club. If you have a baby in Huntsville, AL join today for savings and exclusive products, such as the name collage (it’s the last picture in the link)!

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