Classic Southern Baby

Huntsville baby pictures by Ellen Adams Photography created this wall series for this one year old's nursery.

Some babies have it, and some babies don’t. Kesleigh exudes Classic Southern Charm! She is a Classic Southern Baby!

Baby pictures Madison, AL picture of baby girl in heirloom bubble outfit.

This sweet Hartselle family is all about being classy and traditional.

Just like me, Kesleigh’s mama loves a classic white wicker chair portrait and heirloom bubble outfits.

Baby photos of Madison AL with a baby sitting in a white wicker chair by Ellen Adams Photography.

Thankfully, I also got to include this family’s heirloom rocker during their session, too.

Hartselle baby photographer Ellen Adams Photography took this picture of a one year old baby in a rocking chair.

This was mama’s rocking chair when she was a little girl. I love including items that have sentimental significance to my clients!

One year photos Huntsville AL picture of baby girl in pearls by Ellen Adams Photography.

I love that Kesleigh’s mama told me she hopes her baby girl continues to love church and hopes she enjoys dance and softball some day.

Baby photographer Madison, AL Ellen Adams Photography picture of baby looking down in pearls.

Kesleigh’s mama also said that there’s Always a reason to smile right now. There’s rarely a moment Kesleigh isn’t smiling- and that makes her daddy and mommy so happy!

Baby photography Harselle AL one year photoshoot by Ellen Adams Photography.

Can you believe this sweet, Classic Southern Baby girl is turning one? Her mama is feeling a little bit emotional about that milestone, just as I did with my babies. (Even though technically mine aren’t babies anymore, they will Always be my babies!)

Kesleigh is one of my Baby Plan Club babies, so I am looking forward to and can’t wait to share with you her next session- when she will be a full-fledged toddler running around!

“Ellen is fabulous at what she does! Incredibly kind, happy, and patient!”

-Kesleigh’s Mama

Whether you have a Classic Southern Baby from Huntsville, or Madison, AL, I would love to meet you! Let me capture your baby’s personality in photographs that years down the road, she will be proud to pass down to her grandchildren.

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