Pregnancy & Gender Reveal

Not only is this sweet couple celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary- they have an announcement…

Gender reveal idea by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville, AL.
Gender reveal picture by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville, AL.

They are so happy to announce their four beautiful children are getting a little brother! (You can see big sister’s pictures here.)

Pregnancy Announcement picture by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville, AL.

They took me to the place where they took long walks talking and getting to know each other while they were dating. I loved getting to see where they fell in love, and where he later proposed.

10 year anniversary photo idea by Ellen Adams Photography.

My husband and I spent most of our first date sitting in the branches of a magnolia tree talking about our past and our dreams for our future. Years later we climbed that same magnolia tree, one more time, and he proposed to me. There’s something magical about revisiting the place where your love story began.

A forest, a little river… I can’t imagine a better setting for the beginning of a love story, as well as the start to their next chapter.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!

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