Vintage Baby Photoshoot

Vintage baby photoshoot by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL of a sitter milestone session.

For this first Baby Plan session, I created a vintage baby photoshoot by adding a classic bonnet and a beautiful matching knit blanket.

Also, I included a doll bed my grandfather made for me when I was a little girl.

Ellen Adams Photography is the best baby photographer in Huntsville AL.

Simple, elegant details can elevate your portraits to heirloom pieces that you will want your great-grandchildren to find some day.

I love when moms tell me they were drawn to my photography because of its timelessness. Part of how I achieve a classic look is by keeping my backdrops and props fairly neutral and staying away from props that are too trendy.

Vintage baby photoshoot in Huntsville AL by Ellen Adams Photography, as the first session of the Baby Plan Club.

Her album is going to look stunning in her Victorian home!

Albums are the coveted artwork your children will fight over long after you and I are gone.  They hold precious memories of images, but also of experiences each and every time you open the book together.

If you are looking for a Huntsville Baby Photographer, contact me today. I would love to style a vintage baby photoshoot especially for you!

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