Cutest 1 Year Photoshoot

Every time a baby has their second Baby Plan Session, I think it’s the cutest 1 year photoshoot I’ve ever seen. All babies are simply Adorable! This One Year Photoshoot was no different.

Ellen Adams Photography 1 year pictures of a baby boy.

(I was told that he looks just like his Granddaddy in this one.)

Cutest 1 year photoshoot by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

One year is a big milestone, and it’s time to celebrate both making it through the first year, as well as newfound skills like standing!

1 year portraits by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL picture of a baby's eyelashes in black and white.

I have had the pleasure of photographing this sweetie since he was still in his mama’s belly. Ever since his newborn session, I have been in awe of his eyelashes. Baby eyelashes are simply the best!

One year photos by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL and Madison AL.

This little man simply loved my little chair and wanted to have All of his pictures in it. However, we eventually convinced him to show off his standing skills, too.

Ellen Adams Photography name collage of baby holding each letter in name.

When you join the Baby Plan Club you have access to exclusive products like this name collage. My son loves pointing out the letters in his name with the one that I made for him. It’s the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom- it is both a decorative heirloom, as well as educational.

If you would like to join the Baby Plan Club, or schedule a stand alone Cutest 1 Year Photoshoot for your own little cutie, tell me all about it here!

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