One Year Photoshoot Ideas

One year is a milestone that needs to be celebrated! Not only has your baby changed in incredible ways, but you made it as well! So, to help you with your one year celebration planning, I made a list of some of my favorite One Year Photoshoot Ideas:

1. Classic Portrait

One Year Photoshoot Ideas wall portrait by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

Think about what you want to put on the wall. There’s a good chance that somewhere in your home you have a wall that you either have already started to or plan to celebrate your family members. Perhaps it already has a picture from your wedding, and a picture from your newborn photoshoot.

It’s time to add on to your gallery wall, and a classic portrait is the perfect addition. I have a collection of little child-sized antique chairs you can pick from for the formal portion of your baby’s one year photoshoot.

2. Milestones

Southern baby portrait by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

It’s also important to get some more candid shots that really show off your baby’s unique personality and milestones. If your baby can clap- show it off!

Your baby is probably standing by now, so let’s show that off, too! The picture above on the right is one of mom’s favorites, because it perfectly captures her daughter’s personality.

Whatever look instantly makes you say, “That’s my baby!” is the look we want to capture.

3. Cake Smash

Ellen Adams Photography cake smash in Huntsville AL as well as Madison AL.

Of course, my list of one year photoshoot ideas wouldn’t be complete without suggesting a cake smash. I have had families who weren’t quite sure if they wanted to include these images in their session, who absolutely have as much fun during the cake smash as their baby.

Cake smash pictures make for adorable portraits to add to the walls of your child’s room or in an album.

Cake smash ideas by Ellen Adams Photography.

I’ll let you in on a secret: Not all cake smashes happen exactly as they appear in pictures. Sometimes they’re just a little bit staged.

Cake smash picture captured by Ellen Adams Photography.

Not all babies want to make a big mess and dig in. So, we have the parents help them out with a little bit of cake turning over and smashing.

One year photoshoot idea of a first birthday photoshoot cake smash by Ellen Adams Photography.

Usually, babies are ready to dig in once they see that their parents think it’s a good idea.

One year photoshoot ideas of classic baby photography by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

This was Miss Kesleigh’s second Baby Plan Session.

You can see her First Baby Plan Session here.

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