Newborn Photo Shoot | Baby George

Ellen Adams Photography Newborn Photo shoot in Huntsville AL

Sweet baby George was an absolute angel during his newborn photo shoot. He even gave us a little smile with mommy and another one with big sister!

Newborn photography sibling picture from a newborn photo shoot by Ellen Adams Photography.

Big brother put a huge smile on my face when he was absolutely amazed by the large umbrella I use on my studio light.

They are such sweet siblings, and I know big brother and big sister are going to do an amazing job being there for George throughout his life.

Newborn photography by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

George slept throughout his session. However, don’t fear if you’re planning a newborn session and your baby doesn’t sleep the whole time. We can still get some amazing awake newborn portraits.

Dad kissing newborn picture by Ellen Adams Photography.

I am a strong believer in including parents during newborn sessions. Your baby deserves to know just how little they were in your arms. Also, they will want to know what you looked like when they were a baby.

Don’t worry, I will do everything in my power to make you look your best. Also, remember, your baby will always look at you as his beautiful mama.

Don’t George’s parents look perfect?

Baby picture by Ellen Adams Photography.

And look at those precious little eye lashes!

Mom holding baby picture by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL.

This sweet mama would like other new moms to know that babies sleep through the night eventually.

Your baby won’t fit this tiny in your arms ever again. So, enjoy all of those baby snuggles during the late night feedings while you can mama.

Stretching baby captured by Ellen Adams Photography.

Even his stretches are precious, and I just couldn’t help but capture one during his newborn photo shoot.

swaddled baby wearing a bonnet

Mom and dad loved this image of baby George, and I tend to agree.

Newborn feet from a newborn photo shoot by Ellen Adams Photography.

When a mom asks me to capture some of baby’s details, I can guarantee you I am going to include at least one picture of your baby’s precious little toes!

Newborn photography wall series of portraits by Ellen Adams Photography.

Here is their wall gallery they created from their maternity and newborn photo shoots. I can’t wait to see how baby George grows up!

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