10 Tips for Amazing Outfits for your Maternity Pictures

This post is for my current and future mamas.  Here are some tips and tricks to prepare you for your maternity picture photoshoot!

(I have pages of more style tips that I give every mama who books a session with me, but this should get you started.)

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1. For a romantic look, wear a long flowy dress that will move with the wind.  Floor-length gowns create the best silhouette to flatter your figure and really highlight your bump.  Also, light and neutral colors will add to the light and airy effect.

2. Plan for 1-2 outfits.  You may have as many as you would like, but experience has shown me that 2 is about all that the setting sun gives us time for.  If you choose to have more than one outfit, I recommend one dress that is long and flowy to be romantic, and one dress that is more fitted.

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3. Coordinating does not mean matching.  Wearing the same color in a different shade is more flattering than having two pinks that are Slightly different.

4. Heels elongate a woman’s legs, but while pregnant, and especially while pregnant and outside, please choose your footwear so that you will be safe! If you want, you can bring comfy shoes to walk in, and then put your heels on for the pictures.

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5. Guys look most masculine in well-fitted long pants and closed toe shoes.  Also, wearing a suit jacket accentuates the shoulders and slims the waist.

6. Make sure you are equal when it comes to how formal your attire is.  A beautiful lady in a formal dress looks best next to a man who is equally dressed to impress.

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7. Solid dress shirts photograph better than dress shirts with tiny checkered patterns or thin stripes.

8. Accessorize with necklaces, bracelets, or floral crowns.  If you want it to show in your pictures, make sure your accessories aren’t too delicate.  Fresh florals in a floral crown can be a really romantic touch. Call your favorite local florist to order one for you, and one for each of your daughters.  Matching floral crowns for mamas and their little girls are adorable!

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9. If there is something you are self-conscious about, go ahead and cover it up.  I am okay wearing a leotard to ballet class, but if I’m being honest with you, I don’t like the way my arms look.  Needless to say, I don’t tend to like pictures of myself where I am wearing a sleeveless top. It may look great on someone else, it may even look great on me, but if I don’t realize that I look great in it, I’m not going to like the picture.

10. Make sure you wear something that makes you feel confident.  There are some colors that will make your skin tone pop. Usually, your favorite color is one that looks great with your eye color.  Stick to colors that tend to fill your closet. Lighter shades of those colors, and neutral colors, will help bring all the attention to your face.  Also, softer color palettes fit beautifully into almost all natural outdoor environments.

Maternity photography in Huntsville, AL by Ellen Adams Photography showing you what to wear for your maternity photoshoot.

Bonus Tip!!!

If you have booked your maternity photoshoot with me, I will share with you one of my favorite sites to rent maternity photoshoot dresses from, or you can send me pictures of the outfits you are considering, so that I can give you advice.  I want you to feel amazing in whatever you decide to wear!

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