Why I Stopped Selling Unframed Prints

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As a Huntsville Newborn Photographer, I love getting to serve new moms with newborn photography in their home, but I also love serving new moms with a complimentary design consultation, as a part of their ordering appointment.  It can be so hard to visualize what your portraits will look like on your wall, and that’s why I use software to let you see what the final product will look like on your very own walls. To finish it off, I am partnered with a Huntsville family-owned framing business to offer quality and custom frames for your portraits.

Here’s why I won’t sell you a print anymore without one of their frames around it:

When I was a newlywed I went to Yosemite, and at the end of my trip I bought some of my favorite Ansel Adams prints from the gift shop.  I made sure they were safe on the plane ride home, so they wouldn’t get any dents or scratches. Then, I framed them. I framed by beautiful, classic prints in cheap frames.

Five years after my trip we had our first son.  One day, when our bouncing baby boy was old enough to crawl around, the frame broke.  It fell off of the wall and the glass shattered all over the floor near where my baby was playing.  I was horrified! I didn’t want my baby to crawl through broken glass, and babies are so curious- I knew I needed to act quickly.  I successfully cleaned it up, and my baby was safe. However, I knew this could have been prevented, and I wasn’t about to let this happen again.  I had my Ansel Adams prints reframed by a local frame company who specializes in high quality, custom frames.

Not long after that, I was home alone with my baby when a rather strong looking man tried to break into my home.  Thankfully, we had a security system, and when he realized he was on camera, he ran away. He never got inside my home.  The security system did its job; my family was safe. That cheap picture frame had not done its job. My baby was put at risk.  Perhaps oddly enough, years after the fact, the broken glass incident haunts me more than the attempted break-in.

I realized that I am not the only person to use cheap frames.  After sitting in several generations of my family’s homes, and seeing portraits of my baby propped up on their bookcase shelves unframed, I knew I needed to stop selling unframed prints.

It is one less thing for you to do in your busy life, and it keeps you from the temptation of buying cheap frames.  I work with the best labs in the country to give you archival-quality prints that your grandchildren will fight over someday, and I partner with a local framing business to give you high-end frames that are both beautiful and functional, with archival glass to protect your prints.  In fact, it’s the same company that local interior designers use to frame artwork for their clients’ homes.

I can’t imagine it any other way.  You hire me to create coveted artwork for your family, I print using the best labs in the country, and then a local framing specialist frames your fine art with the best frames possible.  So in the end, you get the best possible fine art for your home, and it is of your family!

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