Older Newborn Needing Newborn Pictures?

Is your newborn no longer a one-week-old? Do you still need newborn pictures? No problem! I can still give you gorgeous newborn portraits, and you can still have a variety of poses: including pictures with mom, dad, and the whole family.

Sometimes life happens. It certainly happens a lot with a newborn in the house.

Sometimes babies come early, and they can’t come home until they graduate from the NICU. That was the case with one of these lovely twins.

Sometimes the photographer you booked up and leaves town. (Okay, that doesn’t normally happen. But it did happen to this family.)

This is a newborn photography image of an older newborn baby captured by Ellen Adams Photography.

This family had everything planned out, but then they were left hanging, and it can be pretty hard to make plans amidst the newborn-haze. So, after the baby arrived, they weren’t able to arrange for another newborn photography session until their newborn was almost two months old.

There are definitely some poses I can’t do with an awake baby, and older newborns tend to sleep less. However, I give older newborns the same amount of photography time as one-week-olds, so there’s a chance we might catch some sleepy pictures to go with the sweet pictures of your baby interacting with you. In fact, one of my absolute favorite newborn portraits came from this session:

This is a newborn photography image of a mom holding her older newborn baby, photographed by Ellen Adams Photography.

Also, I must confess, although newborns are best photographed around 10 days old, one plus to having an older newborn photography session is that if you want to be in the pictures, it gives you a little bit more time to recover. I always offer retouching (including shaving off a few pounds to make you look more like your normal-self instead of your pregnant-self) to my new mamas, but having recovered some may help you feel better about being in front of a camera.

This is a newborn photography image in Huntsville, AL of a baby smiling, captured by Ellen Adams Photography.

It doesn’t hurt, too, that older newborns might, no promises, just might, smile and look at the camera. What a cutie!

And don’t forget, after you complete a newborn session (up to 3 months will work for me), it’s time for a Baby Plan!

Baby Plans include two sessions during the first year at approximately 6 months (sitting up) and at 1 year (standing up). We mark the first birthday with a celebration! In addition to portraits of your little one standing and displaying their infectious energy, the one year session is the cake smash session! Baby Plans also include a complimentary family session during your child’s second year. Plus, there are products available exclusively to baby plan members.

So, as time rapidly rushes by, do you need to make it stop, for just a moment, and create coveted artwork your kids and grandkids will fight over someday? Are you ready to book your newborn photography session? It’s worth it. Go for it!

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