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Huntsville newborn photography image of newborn with siblings by Ellen Adams Photography

I feel so blessed every time a family chooses me to be their newborn photographer. This time, I got to travel to a home in the Huntsville area to meet 11 day old Baby Seraphina. She really is as sweet as her name, and so are her three older siblings. Four children four and under, and precious as can be!

In August of 2013, their mama took a leap of faith and went shopping with a friend. Each bought a pair of maternity pants and a onesie. Each of them had been struggling to conceive. They told each other, “We will need these things in the next few months in Jesus’s name.” The next month, they both found out that they were expecting, and their first girls were born just 3 days apart! As she puts it, “That little seed of faith grew, and we believed for more.” And now, here is her fourth child, Seraphina Esmè. “God has gifted me the most beautiful family, and I love every single one of my children. It’s a testimony.”

I loved getting to see the older girls fawn over their little baby sister. All dads are heroes, and their dad has the super power to make his kids laugh. I am finding more and more often that it dads bring out the best giggles in their children! It was such a memorable morning. I am so glad I got to help this family preserve their legacy, all while staying in the comfort of their home.

Their portrait of all four children is only going to grow in sentimental value over time, and I am glad they are planning to hang it in their main family room where everyone will see it every day. Children get a self-esteem boost when they see themselves in a portrait in their home, and as a mama myself, I can tell you it’s helpful to have a visual reminder of the beauty of motherhood for those moments when parenting gets difficult. Thankfully for this mama, her life truly is blessed and she has her faith to give her strength.

Months before Baby Seraphina arrived, her mama scheduled her newborn session with me and told me that her nursery has a mermaid theme. One of her dear friends made a mermaid outfit for Seraphina, and this is the special portrait that I created especially for her mermaid nursery:

Huntsville newborn photography picture of 11 day old baby dressed as a mermaid in the sea, captured by Ellen Adams Photography.

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