Why I Never Feel Guilty About Easter Baskets

Some families don’t want to do Easter baskets on Easter morning, so they don’t take away from the true meaning of Easter. Personally, I never had a problem with understanding what Easter was really all about as a kid, and I had an incredible amount of fun with my Easter basket before church.

Why I never feel guilty about Easter baskets on Easter morning.

Today, I was Very excited to pass down my family’s tradition to my sons.

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunts!

We make our kids hunt for their Easter baskets by having a scavenger hunt with Bible story clues!

Easter morning scavenger hunt.

My eldest isn’t quite old enough to read the clues yet, but he knows enough Bible stories that we were able to read the clues to him and he figured out where he was suppose to go next.

Clue for scavenger hunt.

The first clue led him to our fruit stash. (You could include any of the verses about fruit for this one. We told him about John 15:4, “No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

Easter scavenger hunt around the house.

My eldest knew what Pilate did at Jesus’s trial, because we had just talked about that earlier in the week in his Holy Week coloring book.

Scavenger hunt

Jesus washing his disciples’ feet was another story we had discussed in his coloring book earlier in the week.

For his last clue, I made him hunt a little bit. We wash his feet in the bathtub, but his basket wasn’t hidden in the bathtub right next to that sink.

We put his basket in his bathroom upstairs. So, it was fun watching him running around the house, smiling and excited to find his prize.

We put little brother’s basket with it, because we knew he would want to follow along wherever big brother went!

Growing up, the clues became harder and eventually I started receiving Bible verses I had to go look up instead of fill in the blank verses.

You can make it as hard or as easy as you want to!

I hope you will consider adding this to your Easter morning tradition, and Stop feeling guilty about doing Easter baskets on Easter morning. There’s no reason it has to detract from the true Easter Story.


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