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Accredited Newborn Photographer

Although, I love being able to say that I’m an international award winning photographer, I think there’s something I’m even more proud of- being an accredited newborn photographer! I was very proud to become Huntsville’s first Qualified Newborn Photographer through Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International, APNPI. Now, I am extremely proud to announce that I...

Breastfeeding Food Guide

Breastfeeding food guide to help nursing moms eat foods that will prevent colic and gas for their newborn baby's tummy.

My next tip to Help Your Baby “Sleep Like a Baby” is to be careful what your baby eats. Whether you nurse, use formula, or do a combination of the two, feeding a newborn can be stressful. Are they getting enough? Are they crying because they are still hungry? Is the breast milk or formula...

Shh! Help Your Baby Sleep

Instinctively, we all know to say “Shh” when we want quiet. There’s no need to feel rude if you say it to your baby, because your newborn will find it comforting! Repetitive “shh, shh” sounds mimic the sounds your baby heard when he was inside your body. It mimics the sound of blood whooshing through...

8 Tips for Helping Your Baby “Sleep Like a Baby”

newborn baby pictures in Huntsville AL

I will never forget the first time a mom told me I could come over any time, because she had never seen her newborn baby sleep as well as the day I came over for his newborn session! The more sleep your newborn gets, the more sleep you can get, and you both need all...

5 Take-Out Places for Preventing Colic

If you are breastfeeding your newborn, certain foods you eat can make your baby gassy, spit up more, or just not feel their best.  Colic can keep both your baby and you up all night. So, to help prevent colic and general newborn tummy problems, I tell all my newborn photography clients to talk to...

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