Ballet Baby Blossoming

I had the honor of photographing this beautiful ballerina’s first baby three years ago, and I was overjoyed when she asked me to photograph her new little one- her little ballet baby.

Newborn family picture by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

Her nursery is a gorgeous pink complete with a crystal chandelier and wreath made of mom’s pointe shoes. So, I knew I just had to include some ballet shoes in one of her portraits.

Ballet baby picture by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville, AL.

The shoes at the bottom of the picture are mom’s very first pair of pointe shoes.

Newborn photography portraits by Ellen Adams, captured in Huntsville, AL.

The ripples of fabric remind me of ribbons on ballet slippers dancing in the wind.

Tulip baby picture captured by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville.

A new baby is like a tulip who’s bud is just beginning to open. We are just beginning to learn her possibilities.

Newborn baby girl photo by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

She can become whatever her heart desires and she dreams to be.

“Someday I’ll jump through puddles,

Take a stroll, or run a race.

Someday I’ll walk across the street,

or maybe walk in space.

Someday I’ll scale a mountain,

Or I’ll join a ballet corps.

Someday I’ll walk a tightrope,

Or explore the ocean floor.”

Baby picture taken by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

She was very curious during her session, so I have no doubt she has it in her to be a NASA engineer like her parents someday if she chooses.

Smiling newborn photo by Ellen Adams Photography.

She was also a very smiley baby, and her mama told me that she has been a very easy going baby so far.

Dad kissing baby picture by Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville, AL.

“Ellen was great with our baby and did a fantastic job capturing creative, adorable photos! We love seeing the beautiful newborn photographs in our home every day.”

-Alex T.
Mom holding baby, picture by Ellen Adams Photography.

It is always an honor for me to not only capture your little one, but to also capture you with your baby. Your children need to know who you were back when they were so little they could fit in your arms.

Ellen Adams Photography newborn portraits in Huntsville, AL.

I was very excited to deliver their newest portrait of their oh so sweet ballet baby!

If you are pregnant and would like me to capture your precious baby’s story right from his or her beginning, I would love to talk with you! You can learn more about a newborn session with me here.

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