Baby Language: Your Baby’s Talking to You

My 2nd tip to help your baby Sleep Like a Baby, is to learn your newborn’s language. Your baby is talking to you! Newborns have their own language, and if you can master it, you can help your baby be more comfortable. And really, these tips are all about making baby more comfortable, so that your baby can sleep better and you can too.

My husband and I laid down on the floor of our first child’s nursery exasperated. Our newborn was lying next to us crying. He had been crying and crying. We had tried this, we had tried that. We were going through our mental checklist trying to figure out what he needed.

Then it dawned on me- my poor baby was crying because he was hungry. In my sleep deprived state, I had forgotten that it had been a little while since he’d eaten (perhaps because it didn’t feel like that long ago, since newborns eat all the time).

Tip #2: Learn Your Baby’s Language

By the time I had my second baby; however, I had learned that newborns have their own little language. So, whenever he cried, I knew what he needed. He seemed to trust me more than my first baby, and he was a much happier and more laid back baby.

My secret was this:

Priscilla Dunstan has all sorts of resources for new moms to learn their baby’s language at

I wish I had known this secret for my first baby, but at least now I can help you!

A happy, comfortable baby is a lot more likely to be able to sleep well, and therefore you will be able to get more sleep too. So, I hope you give this a try with your newborn.

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