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Although, I love being able to say that I’m an international award winning photographer, I think there’s something I’m even more proud of- being an accredited newborn photographer!

Ellen Adams Photography 2022

I was very proud to become Huntsville’s first Qualified Newborn Photographer through Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International, APNPI.

Accredited Newborn Photographer in Huntsville AL

Now, I am extremely proud to announce that I am Huntsville, AL’s first photographer to receive a special accreditation from APNPI.

who is the best newborn photographer in Huntsville AL

There are many areas that photographers can earn special accreditations from through APNPI. I chose my first accreditation to be in the category of babies with their family, because those portraits are some of the most important portraits I will ever do.

Ellen Adams Photography baby picture of newborn with mom in Huntsville, AL

Part of why I started my business was that I believe everyone should have a portrait with their newborn, even if they’re not able to get out of their house just yet. (And that’s part of why I feel strongly about coming to my client instead of having them come to me.)

Picture of Newborn with Family in Madison AL

It is such an honor to have a body of my work judged by a panel of some of the best newborn photographers internationally, according to competition level standards, and to be found deserving of this accreditation.

Newborn Photography by Accredited Newborn Photographer Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL

About APNPI:

“APNPI is a Professional Newborn Photographer’s Association created by newborn photographers specifically for newborn photographers. APNPI formed out of a passion to give professional recognition to Newborn Photographers, and to connect photographers in a safe and respectful place that cultivates the growth of artistry and business acumen amongst its membership.

Newborn Picture with Grandmom by Ellen Adams Photography

APNPI also connects parents with Accredited photographers in their area who are educated in newborn safety practices and have passed a rigorous Accreditation process before a panel of live judges. Additionally, the site offers parents valuable resources and tips for everything from choosing a photographer to taking better photographs at home.”

Newborn Family portraits by Ellen Adams Photography of Huntsville AL

Accredited Newborn Photographer in Huntsville AL:

“The Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI) is proud to announce Ellen Adams of Ellen Adams Photography, Huntsville, AL as a recipient of Accreditation in the category of Family and Baby. Ellen Adams’s successful submission was chosen along with a select number of others deserving of the designation of Accreditation placing them amongst an elite group of photographers world-wide who currently hold Accreditation titles with APNPI.”

Accredited newborn photographer certificate from APNPI to Ellen Adams Photography for family and baby pictures.

Newborn family picture by sccredited newborn photographer Ellen Adams Photography in Huntsville AL

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